Everyone has commitments that they bring with them from life to life, in order to fulfill it as a mission. Included, are the unfinished things of your previous lives, your present life’s upbringing, your childhood, memories, loves, your happiness and sadness, dreams, hopes, disappointments, successes and failures. We all carry this so-called ‘baggage’, but periodically we should open it up and sort through it.  Not to throw any of it away, but to look at it, face it, and acknowledge it for what it is, the good and the bad. As we sort through it, we can take the things that no longer serve us and place in its appropriate compartment.  It is not be thrown away but to be re distributed, so you could create a new load that is less messy and allot more honest. So, when time comes to reflect again, everything will be in order, in our minds and our baggage. We have to arrive in a new life with a lighter load, where we no longer need to look at the hurts and pains we have locked away. When we start a new life, it is in our benefit that we arrive with lighter load, one organized and in good order. So that we are able to make room for the new experiences. The good, the beautiful.

We can discover this process with the Life Path Analysis.

Are YOU on the right track?



You are probably thinking, “it is the life that you are meant to lead”.You’reabsolutely right! But that’s just your mind speaking. You forget that you are a spiritual being in a physical body. You forget that you exist as a unified system in this world.  To the spirit it does not matter how you experience this unconditional love and forgiveness. It does not matter what kind of work you do and where you do it, it just needs to connect to the source.  You are free to choose where and how you raise your vibration.  Yet, our mind believes that it is the dream job, the most extravagant home and finding our soul mate, is what leads us to the fulfillment of our journey. Of course! From the ego's perspective that is.

First and foremost, everything starts on a spiritual level, followed by the physical. No need to go farther then diseases spiritual origin, to the magical power of love and affection. Just think about it! First the feeling and then the physical change.  If you don’t see it this way, that’s fine. This is my personal experience. Doubt, free will and faith, are yours. Use it!

If you focus on the development of the soul and spirit, the energy of body. you can cleanse, dissolve blocks and be energized, to find the path of your soul and spirit, the life journey you undertook in this body. On the physical level everything will be organized around these changes. The Long-awaited job, the long-awaited comfortable home and happiness will come, but the necessary development and the right timing are very important.


There is only one constant in life, and that is change.

 One thing you need to know is that the life path analysis in not a prediction or fortune telling.

When we connect online, we check your previous learning processes from the time you were born. We discuss your childhood, your relationships to your parents, teachers, partners, things and events that have happened in your life, your current happenings and your health. Thus, we get an insight into whether you have completed your learning tasks, or you’re doing it right now.  You also gain insight into what karmic tasks you have, and to whom you owe a karmic debt. You understand why, and what you went through happened, or is happening to you.... with your parent's, family members, teacher’s, friends, colleague's and partners. You can understand why you have something to do with alcoholism, poverty, loneliness, lack of self-love and depression.  Why you are not successful in your life and relationships. You can find out why you had to connect with the people you connected with, or are now connecting with and experiencing at this moment. I will explain to you what you need to change in order to be become independent, to live a life full of joy, to know yourself better and to start on the path to yourself. You experience this by crossing your comfort zone. Your world opens up, your internal boundaries collapse, and you come to recognize the traumas and pains stuck within you.

If you connect with me, you will have the opportunity to make a wonderful realization. At times it can be painful, but to follow the path to your true nature, true a life fulfilled.


The analysis will show you:

- What is your learning style, from birth through your life stages.

- What is life's your mission, your life task.  Whether you managed to solve it, or what you need to do to solve it.

- the energy gates of your body, your state of health, symptoms, diseases and its possible resolutions with angelic help.

- exploring blockages in the soul, on spiritual and physical level. Discussing why we may need angelic help.

- Your karmic debts and in how many of your lives have you been carrying these debts along with you.

- uncovering your hidden knowledge.

Through its life and experiences, the soul increases in knowledge and abilities. It is all there within you. You just have to discover and recognize them.

You will learn what knowledge you have acquired in your previous lives and find out whether you are living from this knowledge, or living in blockage. If there are blockages, I will show you what to do, how to release these blocks and get you to the end of your learning process.

You will find out what brings about your relationship with yourself and others.

The analysis is provided online, it takes about two hours. It is done with an English interpreter, as I speak Hungarian.

120 minutes: $300

Blessings, TUNDI

For booking inquiries. please contact us by text message: 778-821-0925