Prostate Massage

Health benefits of prostate massage


Prostate massage means the massaging and stimulation of the prostate.

It may occur that one is able to reach orgasm simply through the massaging of the prostate, as this point is like the G-spot for women. On the other hand, a function in health preservation is attributed to it.  It is important to know that a secretion is discharged from the prostate when it is massaged and this may help to keep the sperm ducts “clean” and remove stagnant fluid. Because the prostate is located rather in the posterior part of the abdominal cavity, the prostate is stimulated through the rectum or the perineum.


Its positive effects


Prostate massage can be considered not only as a source of pleasure but also as a therapy, as in some cases it can be very helpful in regaining health or the service can be employed as a form of prevention.

In here I have collected those areas where men who regularly receiving prostate massages have reported improvement after a few sessions.


Which problem are you suffering from?


1. Painful erection


Massage facilitates the flow of fluid in the reproductive organs, which is good because ejaculation may be accompanied by discomfort or pain due to the lumps developing in the prostate. Fine movements help to eliminate these.


2. Erectile dysfunction


In the era preceding modern treatments, prostate massage was applied to men suffering from this condition. Some people still use it nowadays, either in combination with other methods or independently.


3. The issue of urination


The prostate is located around the urethra. Therefore, it is understandable that in the event of inflammation or enlargement, the flow of urine may be disturbed. However, prostate massage can eliminate part of the swelling, which improves the flow of urine.


4. Prostatitis


Before antibiotic and special treatments, massage was also used as a standard therapeutic procedure. Of course, medicine has been developing in the meantime, widening the range available. Although in cases of acute inflammation I do not recommend prostate massage.


If you have never received prostate massage - these 6 things are good to know


1. You are not alone with your curiosity


According to a survey, 80% of women would agree to massage their partner’s prostate. So it is easy to imagine that your partner is also open to it.


2. Shame is simply a thing of the past


You no longer have to worry about what others may think. But if you are embarrassed by bringing up this topic, you should relax because 71% of the men living in relationships have already dared to face this issue. So believe me, this topic is not at all as embarrassing as you think.


3. Enhances male orgasm


Also, a survey has shown that men who receive a little massage during foreplay experience stronger orgasms – because it stimulates the penis. How much stronger? Experience has shown it to be with 33% – although we think it says more than a few numbers if you try and experience it yourself.


4. Erection will be stronger


At least that is what those concerned have reported. Needless to say, this is all good for your partner as well.


5. Helps to prevent prostate hyperplasia and cancer


Because prostate massage helps to get rid of the fluid that is produced in the gland, which is responsible for the enlargement of the prostate.


6. Helps to prevent erectile dysfunction


This effect is due to blood entering the penis – making it an excellent tool for combating impotence.


Symptoms of prostate hyperplasia:


frequent urinary urgency

urine is excreted in a thin jet, sometimes it stops and then starts again

urine retention in the bladder

dripping after urination

Before starting any treatment, should it be medicinal or alternative therapy, it is important to consult a specialist to establish an accurate diagnosis. The results of the studies requested by the specialist will reveal whether benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer can be found in the background of the symptoms.


The prostate massage I provide does not involve any pain, I work with a unique technique that is more spoiling than unpleasant. I highly recommend it to every man over 30, not only for maintaining his health but also for its strong potency boosting effect. Research has shown that regular ejaculation in men (3 - 4 ejaculation per week) reduces the chance of developing prostate cancer because on these occasions the deposited carcinogens are excreted from the prostate! 

Every prostate massage is done under sterile conditions, with rubber gloves and special oils and creams. This massage technique does not involve any pain, it is rather of spoiling character!


Dangers of prostate massage


In cases of acute prostate inflammation, prostate massage is strictly forbidden as the inflammation can easily spread in the body!



The massage is done by hand and contains NO sexual services!


This massage NOT available as an alone session! Please book with Relax, Swedish, Tantra or Lingam massage session!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not a sex massage. This massage clears all discomforts, traumas, and unmanaged insults in your body, as well as the energies trapped in your pelvis. It regularly circulates your energies in your healthy body for the purpose of prevention.

Tantric massage uses the deepest spiritual techniques and experiences in a higher dimension to release your deeper spiritual powers, involving an erection as the most natural consequence but you’re not expected to have one. We work with energies.

This massage aims to release and circulate any blocked energy that lies dormant and suppressed in your body. A physical orgasm may occur but this is not the main goal. Intellectual, spiritual, and physical emotions all play a key role. This level of tantric energy enables your conscience to experience a higher dimension.

Any trauma you experience in your life, whether emotional, physiological or mental, as early as your foetal period, has a profound effect on both your body and on your soul and spirit. Through your cellular memory, your body remembers the experiences of your life including shocks. These may be trauma induced diseases or recurring negative situations, sexual problems, gynaecological diseases for women or urological diseases for men.

A gentle and respectful touch is alright but if it’s too much for me, I will let you know. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO TOUCH THE GENITALS! As soon as I feel uncomfortable and you don’t understand this, I will finish the massage.

Of course, I’m happy to serve you in this case as everybody needs to clear and refill their vital energy and to rise to a higher level of conscience in their life.

If you need one, this therapy is not recommended for you as it is an extremely deep spiritual connection beyond physical experience, which you can get from anyone.

Of course, you can as I’m in control of the process and we can connect and I will guide you to a higher dimension if you trust me.

I greatly respect romantic relationships so please make sure you let me know about such problems as this massage is also an excellent form of relationship counselling and I can offer you solutions during the massage. I have often found that a tantric massage improves romantic relationships and rekindles the fire, and this makes me really happy.

You need to be at least 19 as the statutory age for adults but there is no upper limit.

In case you have any emotional, spiritual or physical traumas, such as:

• childhood abuse (spiritual and/or physical)
• adulthood abuse and violence, spiritual and/or physical abuse
• unmanaged insults, anger
• diseases
• sexual problems
• lack of confidence
• rejection

and many more.

I don’t expect or prescribe that but if you need that to feel comfortable and well groomed, I’ll be happy about it.

I’m happy to serve couples to teach them a higher level of spiritual union. One partner can watch the massage as a passive observer. If they want to learn the technique, they can join in.

The basic tantric massage does not include them but you can take this additional option.

They come from Sanskrit and yoni means female genitals and lingam means male genitals.

You can’t get any disease for two reasons. First, our genitals don’t get in touch. Second, I’m not a carrier of any sexual disease. However, if you’re aware of one that you carry, please let me know.

To me, every human being on Earth is equal so I’m happy to serve anyone regardless of their sexual orientation or religion.

There’s a big difference although they aren’t far from each other. You can also get a tantric massage as a service that gives you a wonderful experience if you follow some rules. Tantric sex only involves a couple with deep feelings. This can’t be performed as a service because my business doesn’t allow for sexual intercourse. This wonderful spiritual journey beyond body and conscience is meant for lovers and couples that have deep feelings.

NO! This never happens in any way. I receive each of my clients as a human being with utmost respect and love but there can’t be anything more than that. Rest assured I’ll never put you in an ambiguous situation and I don’t need any advances or initiatives either. I’m your masseuse and not your private lover.