Prana Life Energy Massage "The Stress Killer" Relaxatoin Massage

The Stress Killer

Feeling stressed has become a part of our life. Every day brings about stressful situations, problems to solve, the pressure at work, etc. You feel it’s quite a challenge to keep your body and soul stress-free and in harmony.

This technique aims to relax and stretch the muscle contractions that you have accumulated in your immune system and between your organs and tissues. While relaxation is hard for many people, it’s really important because it causes an increasing number of complaints and diseases. Patients seek medical advice about such stress-related complaints as headache, fatigue, overstrain, poor concentration skills, eye problems, insomnia, depression, panic disorder, irritability, anger, hypertension, and diabetes.


What you can expect of this massage:

It refreshes not only your muscles but also your skin and blood circulation while making your soul free from stress as I exert a wonderful effect on your nervous system with my gentle and soft touch and techniques. I also use breathing therapy to appease the mind so that it switches off its permanent stress mode. This returns you the original harmony and calmness in your soul and body. You will have that feeling in your general condition for many days afterward.

Needless to say, you get this love injection supported by my therapeutic oils and creams of the highest biological value.


60 minutes: $150

90minutes: $205

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