Everything in us and around us is made of energy and vibrations, that's how our life works.

With the help of energy points and energy channels our bodyabsorbs Prana (the life energy). This flow would happen by itself if we humans didn’t overturn the balance within ourselves with our thoughts, actions, and eating habits. If this energy flow is overturned, the spiritual balance and life energy can’t flow. These misalignments and untreated energy points will indicate an emotional and physical symptom that can cause discomfort. These can be restlessness, fear, anger, stress, depression, pain, illnesses.


Maybe you too felt that you had no energy left and all you wanted to do was spend your days alone in silence or you just slept.

A long-lasting lack of energy flow can be a sign of exhaustion, listlessness, and loneliness, which can cause serious health and mental problems.

Untreated energy points are unable to flow life energy in the body, therefore the feeling of fatigue and lack of energy can persist for several weeks or even years, which are also triggered by trauma. These can be traumas and blocks from childhood, adulthood, partnerships,orkarmic commitments.


As the human body ages, it produces less and less hormones, and we must consciously generate, and keep it in good flow.

In men, testosterone plays a very important role in maintaining sexual desire. When the testosterone level decreases, it is associated with a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and loss of energy. With my energy-boosting therapies, you can replace lost life energy and motivation so that these discomforts can change.

In women, the lack of melatonin and cortisol hormones used to cause the imbalance.

Symptoms of energy loss can be: irritability, increased heart rate, sweating, fatigue, cold limbs, sadness, loneliness, depression, dry vagina, lack of sexual desire. Low energy in the second chakra can also be caused by the fact that you don’t or didn’t experience a happy partnership with your partner,or that you can’t experience physical and mental joy, or you don’t have a partner and so there is no energy flow in your energy system and because of this a lonely or even depressive state can develop.

Loneliness or depression is a mental condition that can affect anyone.

A depressed person feels hopeless, empty, and sad. A depressed person feels disinterest in the world, is unable to concentrate, suffers from sleep disorders, the energy decreases, is constantly tired and sluggish. However, depression is a treatable condition. If you feel like you are suffering from a lack of energy, depression, or loneliness, feel free to contact me, I will give you all the help and support to the bestof my professional experience and ability.

Ignoring the symptoms of depression, loneliness, and low energy is very dangerous. I have saved several of my clients from this. In many cases energy loss is also caused by the loss of the partner, which makes it difficult to find a way out until you find yourself again. I can provide support by applying my methods.



What happens during the massage treatment?

You will tell me in a few words where you are now in your life health-wise, mentally, and physically.

I will examine the level of your body's energy system and we will discuss what I recommend for you to practice at home.

During the session, we will begin to clear out the energies stuck in the energy system, which you may have stored there for decades. These are anger, lack of forgiveness, fears, abandonment, loneliness, unhappiness, feelings of inferiority, oppression, sexual problems, stress, menopause, and many others.

We will spend the whole time in great love, peace, and good energies, where your body will be able to get rid of the energies you no longer need. We will replace these energies with pure vibrations, love, happiness, harmony, spiritual healing energies. During the entire session, we will learn, we will cleanse, we will change,andI will touch your body while we recharge. By the end of the session, you will feel as if you have been changed. You will be full of energy, you will feel calm, empty, light, liberated. Love, hope, the beauty, and goodness of life will return into your life. This way, your life energy and vitality will return, and you can extend your life by several years.


If you feel like you want to make a change in your life, we look forward to welcoming you.

What you need to know: A massage session is an activity based exclusively on energy medicine and spirituality.

Does not include erotic or sexual services.

Price : 60 minutes $200

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