About Me


Tunde Horvath

Soul & Body & Mind advisor

My Philosophy

Whether you are a man or a woman, visiting me alone or with your partner, my philosophy applies to everybody:

Your body is in your hands. It’s up to you how you think about, look after, dress and wear it. You have to decide if you love your life in your body. This depends on how you feel in your own company. Make conscious efforts to find out more about your body’s needs, problems, desires, and operations so you can live more happily with it! If you pay attention to it, it will help you lead your everyday life in harmony and health while staying on Earth.

My Qualifications

Swedish Massage


Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner

East India and Europe

Life Style Advisor


Theta Healing Instructor


Prana Energy Healing


Tantric Massage Practitioner

East India and Europe


My Story


I was 14 when I first wanted to make people feel good and dreamed of my happiness when people came to me for a massage and felt my gentle touch and energies on their body during the treatment.

At that time, I was unaware of my spiritual abilities. I had no idea about the big asset that God had given to me for my life on Earth. Now I know it. Yet, I couldn’t just start giving people a massage. First, I had to go to a school to learn anatomy and massage techniques.

At that point I realised I should first learn the techniques to forget them right away! I was always driven by my feelings. That’s what I teach my clients and the people around me.

Understand your feelings and let them guide you!

When a practitioner already knows massage, it’s 90% LOVE and only the remaining 10% is technique. When your body relaxes, all you need is a relationship based on love. What do I mean? When the massage practitioner loves their client as a human being, respecting them as a person of a priceless value and when the client knows they can trust the massage practitioner, letting the massage practitioner use and circulate their energies, then things connect and I feel like starting to play a wonderful instrument. While I’m working on your body and soul, which you have lent to me, your inhibitions and tensions will be reduced. By the end of your treatment, all of your stress and negative thoughts will disappear as they are replaced by a pure unconditional love energy.

Eventually, I had to wait until I was 28 to fulfil my childhood dream. But until then I had thoroughly learnt massage techniques from diverse cultures and have fully transformed them to my own techniques by today. Of the high diversity of cultures, my favourite one is Indian Ayurveda. This is what makes my treatments so special and tailor-made.

Each time I can create something, I can see and feel a miracle. Each time I take a look at my client lying on the table, I feel the same enthusiasm and wonder as if I was doing my first massage because I know that in the very end my client’s soul will flourish, refresh and pay attention to itself.