Abhyanga Massage / Swedish Massage

Why this massage is good for you?

It gives you a sense of wonderful relaxation, in both body and spirit. Your body increases its detoxification processes as the warm oil finds its way to the cells and exerts its effect. The massage loosens the stiffness and tensions of your muscles, reduces all sorts of bodily pains, such as migraine, muscular and joint pains, all sorts of stiffness around your neck, shoulders and waist, calms your mind, and relaxes your nervous system.

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India is a must-visit country as its culture and lifestyle greatly differ from ours so you can see, learn, and experience a good deal, including ayurveda and ayurvedic massage, which is less known and can’t be learnt in many courses. To learn the techniques of India’s 5,000-year-old ayurvedic science from its masters, you need to visit India or another foreign country.

In 2012 I got my first ayurveda practitioner diploma from my Kerala born master, who taught me the ancient and authentic Indian treatments, massages and diet-based techniques. I may be biased for ayurveda but this ancient science is a world heritage, an approach to life, a system that helps you get back to the real world, to mother nature, to the power of the human hand and God-given plants.

During my stay in South India I had a chance to experience the contribution of excellent ayurvedic doctors, ancient practitioners (Vaydias) to the healing of diseases that modern medicine can only keep at a certain level or can only make symptom-free.
I was encourage to perform meditation, yoga, massage and this culture by my love for ayurveda, my faith, and the experience of healing in myself and other people. I’m positive that my ayurvedic oils from South India help me make the biggest effect on the body. I buy them in the manufactures of traditional practitioners who prepare them from hundreds of herbs with great expertise using secret ancient prescriptions. These ingredients help me treat back pain, lumbago, waist pain, and the neck.


If we want to maintain your life quality in this chaotic world, it’s time we changed our approach to life and we harmonized our physical body and soul. We should look after ourselves and our body will surely benefit us. To have a healthy life, you need a massage, herbs, the appropriate eating habits, yoga, meditation, mantra or prayer.
I’m positive that if you are on this website, you are looking for a natural way of prevention and recovery as more and more people realize that they can only achieve successful healing without side effects by the power of nature.

Abhyanga massage is an extrasensory experience, a gem of an ayurvedic massage. The treatment has the spectacular effect of the body’s rejuvenating tissues, the smoothening of wrinkles, and the soul’s complete relaxation. The Indian warm oil massage that covers the whole body treats every person with individual oils given the holistic attitude of Ayurveda. The selection of oil depends on the given person’s ayurvedic physique.


60 minutes: $150

90 minutes: $190

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