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Come and take a rest in deep meditation, in an intimate atmosphere, with pleasant music, brilliant candle lights and fragrant scents for your full relaxation.



Whichever of my services you choose, I will give you my God-given consciousness with all the love of my heart and soul, using the best of my abilities.


My goal is to strengthen and restore your whole body and soul as soon as possible. As I’m not God, I also need a few sessions to find out about things e.g. a deep depression, trauma or physical (health) alterations, because you also need to be a part of the process.


Stressful life, chaotic conditions, just work and rush? You are tired of everything, and you don't know how to go on? 

You know these feelings, right?

“When our bodies don’t feel good, we go to the doctor, but when our minds don’t feel good, what do we do? Almost nothing.


Our minds are full of thoughts that we cannot escape from. This condition is called a stressful lifestyle. It is not our fault to lose balance on the physical and mental levels. It is important that you learn to slow down because chaotic thoughts can only create chaos. In harmonious inner silence, you can regain your true self.


Be simple because life itself is simple.


Maintain harmony and natural rhythm. If we can love ourselves, be compassionate with one another and respect each other, then people will achieve unity and harmony.

I will show you the way where can you find harmony and yourself.

I’m not taking you to what you know, but to what you have forgotten. Receive it and experience it!

If you take my hand I will lead you there.

I am looking forward to seeing you at any of our sessions. Change your thinking and your life will change.

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I came from Europe and I’m proud of Green Heaven Massage, my studio here, in Kelowna. This is a place where European expertise is combined with a wide array of special massage techniques from all over the world for the benefit of your body and soul.

Come and take a rest in deep meditation, in an intimate atmosphere, with pleasant music, brilliant candle lights and fragrant scents for your full relaxation. Whatever you choose, you can always expect exclusive service, love, and discretion. I want you to have a good time in my parlour so I’ll do my best to give you a refreshing and useful experience.

As I come from Europe, I acquired my professional experiences there for a number of years. You have plenty of options, just take one!

My guiding principle is that you can achieve physical and spiritual wellness, do away with your pains and thereby achieve an overall improvement in your health and lifestyle.

You can use any of my services amidst profound energies and meditation. The goal of any massage is to keep your energy flow throughout your body. By feeling a touch as a passive recipient, you can develop and use a kind of body-conscious and concentrated energy and self-discipline. Massage is a delicate art. Primarily, it’s about fondness and not the skills you learnt.


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The best body massage you will ever have. I am experienced in both body relaxation and meditation to help you relax your mind and to relieve stress.

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